Austin’s Voters Are Pro-Transit—And Against Bad Transit Plans

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Austin’s Voters Are Pro-Transit—And Against Bad Transit Plans
AURA Vows to Keep Pushing for Expanded and Improved Transit Service for All Austinites

November 5, 2014
Austin, Texas

AURA was disappointed when Austin’s leaders decided to put a bad rail plan on the ballot, but we’re relieved that Austinites voted for better public transit by rejecting the $1 billion road-rail bond proposition. From the beginning of the Project Connect process, AURA pushed for data-driven transit planning, but when the city’s own data showed the rail plan would hurt our transit system, AURA was forced to oppose.

“AURA has spent months talking to Austinites about this plan, and it’s clear that this city is ready to invest in transit. It just needs to be a good plan,” said AURA member Marcus Denton. “That’s why AURA’s focus will now shift to pressuring Capital Metro and the City of Austin to improve transit service for the whole city.”

“Capital Metro should immediately move forward with the Riverside MetroRapid line they’ve had in their plans for years,” AURA co-founder Jace Deloney said. “This can be a quick, inexpensive way to improve transit service in an area that needs it, and can show our city the advantages of true bus rapid transit that isn’t stuck in traffic.”

AURA was founded to improve mobility for all Austinites, and that battle won’t be easy or short. Austin’s streets are full, so we have to move more people on transit if we want to waste less time getting around. If you agree with us, we need your help. Join our announcements mailing list, or if you’re ready to commit, become an AURA member to grow Austin’s voice for better transit.

AURA member Niran Babalola calls on all transit advocates to unite for a better transit future. “Mayor Leffingwell was right to put the city in the driver’s seat so our elected officials are in charge instead of Cap Metro, but it’s going to take the voice of every Austinite who cares about transit to make sure the next City Council finishes the job. It’s been tough to argue against other folks who are fighting for better transit for Austin, and I hope we all seize the opportunity to be on the same team again.”

We call on all current and future City Council members to join the list of Austin leaders who have taken AURA’s transit-oriented pledge at This city needs elected officials who are committed to improving transportation options for all Austinites at all income levels all over the city.

AURA is a grassroots urbanist organization focused on building an Austin for everyone by improving land use and transportation through policy analysis, public involvement, and political engagement.


  • Niran Babalola, Project Connect Central Corridor Committee member:, 775-576-4726
  • Brad Absalom, Project Connect Central Corridor Committee Chair:, 214-236-3293