Say “YES” to Protected Bike Lanes on Barton Springs Road & East 12th Street

The Austin Transportation and Public Works Department (TPW) is proposing safety and mobility improvements to two major streets within the city and is soliciting public feedback on both projects.

As a general principle, we believe more space in Austin should be allocated to sidewalks, bike lanes, and transit-priority lanes, and this guide reflects that point of view.

Barton Springs Road Safety Pilot Survey Guide

TPW is proposing mobility and safety improvements on a dangerous stretch of Barton Springs Road between Stratford Drive and South Lamar Boulevard. The changes include installing wider protected bike lanes by removing one lane of traffic, creating shorter and safer pedestrian crossings, relocating bus stops to those safer pedestrian locations, and installing sidewalks on the north side of Barton Springs Road through Zilker Park.

The survey has two open-ended questions asking for feedback about the design. We have suggestions for comments below:

  • What do you like about the proposed pilot design?
    • Like the protected bike lanes
    • Like the reduction to a single lane of traffic
    • Like the pedestrian enhancements
    • Love the inclusion of a pedestrian route through Zilker Park
    • Like the overall effort to make meaningful multimodal and accessibility improvements to an important city street
  • What do you not like about the proposed pilot design?
    • Dislike widening the single lane of traffic, which will encourage faster driving and counteract the recent lowering of the speed limit to 30mph
    • Dislike flexible posts along the bike lanes – prefer stronger protection such as curbs or bollards

The Barton Springs Road Safety Pilot survey is open until June 30, 2023.

East 12th St Survey Guide

Proposed Changes to Intersection of 12th & Chicon Streets

TPW is proposing significant connectivity, mobility, and safety upgrades along a 2.5-mile stretch of East 12th Street between Navasota Street and Webberville Road. The upgrades include the installation of pedestrian crossing islands, protected bike lanes, and widened sidewalks. It would remove certain left-turn only lanes and on-street parking at intersections, and optimize bus stop locations along the route.

The survey is pretty straightforward and only allows for comments on the entirety of the project, not its individual components. Below are some examples of possible responses to the open-ended questions.

  • 3. What do you like about the proposed changes?
    • Like protected bike lanes in both directions
    • Like the removal of on-street parking at intersections
    • Like floating bus stops to protect bike lanes
    • Like installation of pedestrian island crossings
    • Like widening sidewalks – prefer wider than existing conditions
  • 4. What do you dislike about the proposed changes?
    • Dislike the preservation of on-street parking along the route
    • Dislike flexible posts along the bike lanes – prefer stronger protection such as curbs or bollards
  • 5. Please let us know your level of support for the proposed changes.
    • These are generally very good improvements over existing conditions on East 12th Street and we would recommend you “Strongly Support” these proposed changes.

The East 12th Street survey is open until July 5th, 2023.