Transform Austin for Transit

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AURA calls on Austin City Council and Capital Metro to Transform Austin for Transit

May 16, 2016

Austin, Texas

AURA today calls on Austin City Council and Capital Metro to enact the critical next steps needed to make Austin a transit-oriented city. If adopted, these steps would move us well toward a key AURA goal: that Austinites will take over half their trips via public transportation, walking, or bicycling by 2040.

AURA’s new report “Transit City: A Vision for a Multimodal Austin” argues for implementation of a high-frequency bus network, permitting of abundant housing near existing transit, full funding of the city’s Bicycle Master Plan, construction of missing sidewalks already identified by the city as High Priority needs, liberalization of parking requirements throughout the city, and more.

Transit City co-author Carrie Gammell says: “There’s always a lot of emphasis on rail in Austin. Our report discusses all the necessary prerequisites for a comprehensive transit system, such as efficient bus operations, abundant housing near our existing and future transit lines, and healthy networks of sidewalks and bike infrastructure.”

“Our report calls for immediate action including extension of our transit priority lanes, improved shelters and payment facilities at our busiest bus stops, and creating a connectivity master plan for the city,” says Transit City co-author John Laycock. “The transit lanes and bus shelters will make it more comfortable and convenient to take transit, and enhanced street connectivity will make what car trips remain more efficient without spending millions on additional highway lanes.”

“Transit City shows why Austin City Council must move towards a bond proposition this fall to fully fund the sidewalk and bicycle master plans. We need to move past discussions of technology gimmicks and talk about real, proven solutions for Austinites to get around,” says AURA Board member Mary Pustejovsky.

AURA is a grassroots urbanist organization focused on building an Austin for everyone by improving land use and transportation through policy analysis, public involvement, and political engagement.

Press contacts:

  • Robert Prentiss, AURA Transit Vision committee,, 512-415-0786
  • John Laycock, AURA Transit Vision committee,, 512-970-4706