Election Endorsements 2014

For Immediate Release

AURA Endorses Candidates in Austin Mayoral and City Council Elections

October 27, 2014
Austin, Texas

AURA is a relatively new organization on the Austin civic scene, but it is already having a strong impact representing popular support for our vision of a welcoming city with abundant housing and alternative transportation options. With Austin moving its municipal elections to November and instituting a geographically representative City Council, next Tuesday offers a major opportunity to elect leaders that can help continue to make that vision a reality.

The membership of AURA offers these endorsements in Austin’s City Council elections:

Delia Garza, for District 2
Jose Valera, for District 3
Gregorio Casar, for District 4
Jimmy Flannigan, for District 6
Jeb Boyt, for District 7
Chris Riley, for District 9

In the election for mayor, AURA’s membership offers its endorsement to Mike Martinez. It should be noted thatSheryl Cole also has substantial support among AURA members.

Please also note that the newly elected City Council will be taking office after the roads-and-rail city bond proposition is already decided—and, hopefully, rejected. AURA’s membership continues to urge Austinites to voteNO on this City of Austin ballot proposition.

AURA’s membership encourages Austin residents to learn more about these candidates. Please give them your support and your vote if you agree that they are the best candidates to lead Austin’s city government.

AURA is a grassroots urbanist organization focused on building an Austin for everyone by improving land use and transportation through policy analysis, public involvement, and political engagement.