2018 Elections Results Statement

AURA is a grassroots, all-volunteer organization that advocates for an Austin that is inclusive, open to change, and welcoming to everyone. Our members worked hard for candidates and ballot propositions in the City of Austin that share this vision.

  • We hosted two candidate forums
  • We knocked on thousands of doors, including three days of action for endorsed candidates
  • We handed out thousands of fliers at the polls
  • We participated in advocating for a huge affordable housing investment from the very beginning, including letter writing with Habitat Young Professionals.

This hard work paid off, and we are very pleased about the results of this election. More than 60% of voters in Austin endorsed a pro-housing mayor.  Prop J, which would have tied our city’s hands in addressing everything from our housing crisis to climate change to gentrification, failed despite its proponents’ fearmongering and dishonesty. And last but very much not least, Austin’s largest affordable housing bond ever just passed. Austin is for everyone.

AURA also endorsed the other bonds, and we are excited that the city will be able to move forward with much needed investments in safer transportation systems, improvements in health infrastructure, flood prevention, and more.

Several other AURA-endorsed candidates made it to the runoffs in their city council elections.

Natasha Harper-Madison’s strong showing in District 1 is a credit to her vision of an affordable and accessible Austin. AURA members stand ready to support her in the runoff, and we’re ready to work with her after she wins to address the transit needs and housing crisis facing all of Austin and District 1 residents in particular.  

Councilmember Pio Renteria has been an advocate for the inclusive Austin that we believe in.  

We believe his accomplishments in fighting for affordable housing and transit are incredibly important, and AURA members are ready to support him in his runoff so he can continue those fights for the city and for the residents of District 3.   

In District 8, we’re disappointed that our endorsed candidate, Rich DePalma, did not make the runoff. However, we are excited by the possibilities of new leadership, and we stand ready to support the eventual winner in working for an Austin for Everyone.

In District 9, we congratulate our endorsed candidate Danielle Skidmore for her hard work during her historic candidacy, and we also congratulate Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo on her re-election. We hope to continue to work with the Mayor Pro Tem where we find common ground.  

“The success of AURA’s elections efforts demonstrates a real desire for change in Austin. No matter who shows up to Thursday afternoon council meetings, residents and voters want an Austin that’s more walkable, bikeable, and busable with affordable and diverse types of housing everywhere. AURA is proud to have endorsed and worked for these candidates and the passage of these propositions, and to demonstrate that urbanism is an electoral force that is here to stay”


Kevin McLaughlin, Board Member of AURA, kevin.mclaughlin70@gmail.com, 817-312-6800