Land Development Code

The City of Austin is currently rewriting its Land Development Code, providing a once-in-lifetime opportunity to make our city more affordable and environmentally sustainable with opportunities that are open to everyone.

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What is it

The Land Development Code is the city’s rules for what we’re allowed to build and where we’re allowed to build it.

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Why it Matters

The Land Development Code will determine what kind of city we want to be. We want a city that looks to the future. One that’s affordable, environmentally sustainable, and full of opportunities for everyone.

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How to help

Whether you’re totally new to Austin’s land development code or have been involved for years, there are all kinds of ways to help us push for better code. Whether you’re interested in testifying to city councilors, analyzing the code, or just want to learn more so you can talk to friends and family – we’d love your help.

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When it’s happening

The City of Austin is working on the code right now and plans to pass the new code in early 2020.

The Timeline

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