Land Development Code Draft Release Statement

AURA is a grassroots, all-volunteer organization that advocates for an Austin that is inclusive, open to change, and welcoming to everyone.

The first draft of the new Land Development Code is a solid step in the right direction. While any new policy of such complexity and magnitude is bound to have issues, we believe that the first draft demonstrates the city’s commitment to making a more affordable and environmentally sustainable Austin with opportunities that are open to everyone.

In particular, we were pleased to see the following:

  1. The draft allows for far more accessory dwelling units (ADUs) than the current code. ADUs are critical to creating more market-rate and affordable housing in every neighborhood in Austin.
  2. The draft eliminates or reduces parking minimums near many central corridors, demonstrating the city’s commitment to shifting from car-focused transportation to a truly viable public transit system.
  3. While far from perfect, the transition zones will begin to allow for more dense, mixed-use, and transit-supportive housing within a ten-minute walk of major corridors.

Overall, we look forward to working with staff and council over the coming months to turn this draft into the best possible code it can be so our city can become more affordable, environmentally sustainable, and create more opportunities that are open to everyone.

“Given the results of the 2018 election, City Council knows they have a mandate to pass a new Land Development Code as soon as possible. We encourage them to continue to listen to the truly progressive voices that elected them and deliver a code that meaningfully increases the supply and diversity of housing, particularly in central Austin.”

Kevin McLaughlin, Chair AURA Land Use Committee
Kevin McLaughlin, Chair AURA Land Use Committee
+1 817-312-6800

Note: a previous version of this release suggested that daycares would not be allowed in all Austin neighborhoods. They are, in fact, allowed in every zone.