Say “YES” to Protected Bike Lanes and Better Train Service on East 5th Street!

Shared use path on Congress & Ramble, featuring a cyclist, as well as pedestrians walking a dog
Photo from TPW. Congress & Ramble pictured.

The Austin Transportation and Public Works Department (TPW) is proposing safety and mobility improvements that will:

  • Enhance E 5th St by repaving the road and adding protected bike and walking paths, more outdoor spaces, and connections to major trails like the Southern Walnut Creek Trail.
  • Set up for improved train service by double tracking the Red Line tracks between Navasota & E 7th St.

Most importantly, you can help support these improvements by answering the survey linked below. We’ve provided some suggestions, but please feel free to use your own language and draw on your own experience traversing these streets.

Two train tracks
Two tracks are better than one. Photo from Wikipedia. CC-BY-SA-3.0 License. No changes made.
  • What do you like about the proposed changes?
    • Double-tracking that can increase train frequency
    • Improvements and repaving will improve comfort and safety for all modes of travel
    • Connections to the nearby trail networks which greatly open up where people can get to by walking, biking, or rolling
    • Separated and protected biking and walking paths
    • More outdoor space for people and local businesses
  • What do you dislike about the proposed changes?
    • Shared street with traffic calming and less physical protection over a small section due to space constraints
    • On-street parking which blocks the view and impairs safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers
  • Please let us know your level of support for the proposed changes.
    • These are generally very good improvements over existing conditions and we would recommend you “Strongly Support” these proposed changes.

The East 5th survey is open until August 15th, 2023. Take the survey here. You can also view TPW’s full plan here.